Elder Salomon Jaar
Mision Chile Concepcion
O´Higgins 940, Oficina 502
Chile Concepcion

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pouring Rain

yesterday dad decided he wanted to go bird hunting, so we went off to a part of the forest where there is a lake made when it rains here in the winter, we where there for a couple of hours on our way back it was pouring rain, i got a video of us helping this taxi out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honduras Vs. Mexico

Yesterday Honduras Played Vs Mexico at the stadium Azteca, Honduras didnt have the best match, it was actually one of the worst ive seen them play, but happiness came when Rambo Leon did a sicky free kick a couple of feet outside of the box, hit the cross bar and it went in, Si Señor honduras was beating Mexico in the Azteca, Although happiness only lasted a couple of minutes cause Mexico came back with a great goal of themselves from Pavel Pardo, and ended up beating us with a Charrula (crappy) Goal From Rafa Marquez. We lost against 9 Mexicans, 1 Brazilian,1 Argentinian, Against 11 Catrachos, i feel proud of them even though David Suazo
played horrible although he made Rafa Marquez think twice about giving him space, i guess the whole story would have been different if Costly played instead of Suazo, and Samual Caballero would have done the same kissing Technic to Pavel Pardo to get him out of his game, Anyway i love Honduras and we will get revenge when the 9 Mexicans 1 Brazilian, 1 Argentinian come to Honduras and play.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Farwell Elder Lever

Elder Lever came by today to say goodbye to us and take some pics with us, i only met him for 1 month or so, but we got real close he is an awesome guy, and a great missionary he recalls that he saw me on the newspapers a while ago during soccer (he is also a soccer player) he lives up in murray. but here are some pics, ill sure will miss the guy who POKED MY BABY!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Plus Size That!!!

we all know cesar is a bit crazy in the head, and this video just proves it i caught him doing this check it out hahaha

1965 Jeep Willys Project !!!

So Dad baught an old 1965 Jeep Willys from our uncle down north, i think Karenin And Jer got a good look at how the jeep was when we got it, unluckily only them can see how changed the jeep is now (cause i have no before pics). Dad and i have been working for 1 year remodeling it we are almost done, we just need a few minor things to be added like the steering wheel and the shift sticks those are going to be leather covered and maybe a black roll bar but not sure yet!! but other then that its pretty much done, iam stoked about it and we have been doing alot of work on it non stop, its taken a long time but its turning out nice. i check out on a website to see how much the car goes for if we do sell it, it can go from 10,000 dollars to 30 ,000, i talked to this guy and he said the car is really worth around 25,000 because it has the original 1965 engine which makes it a real classic. i have been offered up to 11,000 bucks by this guy down here but me and dad decided its not for sale and its gonna stay in the family!!! ive worked hard on it and ive spent alot of money on it to. but check it out.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reality Check

So sarahi is taking beauty classes at the academy, i asked her to give me a pedicure and a facial, everything was going great.......................until uncle raul called and my dad told him what i was getting done i guess he thought it was a great idea that we all paid sarahi from now on hahaha, so i had to pay her, but its alright iam happy she is learning something and keeping busy, here are some pics.