Elder Salomon Jaar
Mision Chile Concepcion
O´Higgins 940, Oficina 502
Chile Concepcion

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Being Kids!!!!

Sarahi planned a party for the kids in our ward, now this are kids that dont really have a childhood cause all they do is work so they can help out their parents they are so humble and so poor, but yesterday night they got dressed up in their best cloths and came to the party, it was a nice experience to make them happy and see them enjoy. they ate sandwhiches and soda and then danced.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


so yesterday was my birthday, not a whole happened, i got some present, mostly alot of colognes haha, a camera for the mission, a shirt, and some money from mom and dad. also i had some friends over so we could eat, i got a video of me cutting the cake and the whole singing happy birthday to me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Water Girl

Today was the celebration for the independence of Honduras, there are parades, all morning and afternoon, sarahi got offered to be the queen of her school again but i guess she didnt want to walk in a dress, and high heels, in the sun with make up all morning and afternoon so she turned the offer down and she was the watergirl/red cross, i got a bit of video of her "DIFFICULT" job.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Katrachos Alokados #2

yesterday after the game me and Sarahi went down the the carnaval to celebrate the victory over Jamaica, Sarahi took a 14 min video of how it is down here afte a match, the video isnt really the best quality because of the 25 people jumping on the back of my truck and the yelling and the movements of the cars and all that stuff, but in some parts you can see really well how big we celebrate a victory from Honduras!!!


Happy Brithday JJJ

Happy Birthday Juan we miss you and we love you!!!


yesterday when the game ended as i was pulling out of the gates of our property, 25 unknown people to me just hoped in the back of my truck and i kept driving till we got to the caravan (celebration after the game). sarahi got a video of it!

Honduras Vs Jamaica

Honduras played against jamaica last night!!! chills still run down my spine when i think about the goals that where scored yesterday, i wont get to much into details of how i feel because its hard to explain and most people dont understand, but Honduras played an awesome game, ouplayed the
" REGGEA BOYS" Honduras has 6 points now, we are almost half way qualified to the hexagonals to the world cup, VAMOS CATRACHOS, keep it up cause the whole country is backing you up!! or atleast iam 500%.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Catrachos Alokados!!!!

This is what happens in our small lil town of Choluteca when Honduras wins a game, its a pretty big deal so i just put on video a bit of how it is, there is alot more then what i put on the video, but other things are like punta dancing, ALOT OF DRINKING (not a good thing), and mostly just yelling and dancing, also fireworks and alot of food!!! and all night partying.

Honduras Vs. Canada

Honduras played against Canada Saturday night, Honduras overall didnt have a great game, but one of my favorite young players did awesome, Ramon Nuñéz came back to the field to give the Catrachos a win that was pretty important to us, We watched the game at the house with Mom, Dad, Sarahi, and one of my friends, it was an intense game, but iam just happy we got the three points!!! i think i might go to the Jamaica Vs. Honduras game on wednesay it should be good.