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Monday, June 7, 2010


2 months have passed since the most special person in my life passed away......oh how i miss him!!! things get tough now, 2 months is a long time being with out you dad!

its the first day with out my convert cesar...i just got back from him funeral, i will miss you also MEN!!!

i was asked to give a talk during the service....everybody says us as missionaries come at the RIGHT TIME!! but its not true at all....cesar came to my life at the right time! i was teaching him when my dad was murdered, when i found myself in the debate of staying or leaving my mission, i went and gave him a lesson and saw the hunger for knowledge and for the message i was bringing into his home!!! that was a huge reason why i stayed!!! i thank God for him.......for his humbleness,his diligence, his obedience, his example, his love, his friendship!!! cesar was one of the converts together with his wife marcela that understood and understand that their love is eternal!!! marcela gave a talk during the service and that all she talked about!!! she kept thanking us all the time.......but iam not worthy of such thanks!! i thank them, i thank god for having them in my life!! cesar, viejo....ahora tu estas con mi padre, y mi padre celestial!! te extraño tanto!! voy a extrañar agarrar tu mano y decirte que sos el men!! que sos el mero mero, el jefe, amigo sera lo mismo!!! soon we will see each other again!! for now you left us a huge task for us down here, for your wife marcela!! but be calmed cause she knows what enduring to the end means! she has that stuck in her mind and heart so strong that she will not forget!! i promise you i will help her till the end!! sealing you with her and your beautiful daughter javiera!!

what makes true love??? i dont think it just shows up or we start to feel it out of nowhere.....i think true love comes from service....service to the anyone, anyplace, any circumstance!! i think that is why wives love their husbands so much more most of the time!!! because they dedicate their whole lives to serve the person they love!! i want that, i want to serve people everywhere!! and when i have my own eternal family i will serve my beautiful wife and my kids and i will love them, i will cultivate love thru service!! that is a lesson i learned so strong here in the mission. my time in the mission is coming to and end in a couple of months...but the scars that the time here has left will stay with me forever!!! every tear fallen from my eyes has a memory and a thought and its deep in my soul!!! they form part of my testimony!! and sanctify myself thru tears, repentance, sacrament!! endurance is the key!!! its a must!!! i loved seeing cesar endure to the end!! what a perfect example!!! te llevaste el premio viejo!!! pucha si supieras cuanta falta me vas a hacer!!! how much i miss you dad........i plead to the lord constantly to feel you close to me!! around me and influencing me always to do things right!!

i love this gospel....sadness, tears, sorrow, trials, adversity, trials..............come with the package of eternal life!! lets just stick to the iron the straight and narrow path!!! and soon....sooner then we know we will see the people we love that have past away at the end of this able to hug them and feel their warmth and their love for us!!!

i love you all, i have learned to say that to everybody and mean it!!! i love you all.......we never know when we leave this earth!!! thats why we must serve, love, give everything every minute of our life, being careful to not break the commandments and always doing our best!!


Camille said...

Wow that was really beautiful. I miss the mission tremendously...But I am going out with the sisters, giving references, and talking to my converts every day...haha. Im also doing some other stuff
but none of that really matters...
Seriously congratulations on all of the miracles you are helping God to work.
PS I got a letter from Hna H and I think you would be shocked to hear what she mentioned about you...haha

salomon jaar said...

tell me......... shock me!!

becausethesunrises said...

Dear Elder,
I love seeing through your eyes...feeling through your heart...
Your blessings and trials bless me.
I feel your faith. Your a miracle. You use your faith, your hope earnestly to know how to share your light in each situation.

Familia Jaar Bueso said...

Hijo,las pruebas y desafios que este mundo nos da ,no son faciles!!! yo tambien extraño cada dia que pasa atu padre,lo amo con todo mi corazon!!!,es mi compañero eterno,y se que el esta pendiente de nosotros,tenemos que seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo!!! estoy mas que segura que tu papa esta con Cesar ayudandole en su progreso como miembro nuevo!!! El vacio que deja un ser querido en nuetras vidas!!! es enorme!!! como poder olvidarlos? Pero Dios nos da el alivio y la fortaleza para seguir adelante!!! te amo hijo!!! y sigamos adelante que tenemos mucho que hacer!!!

Camille said...
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Camille said...

I would but I don't think you would want me to post something like that.
You would be shocked though.
I hope you're enjoying every single minute you have. I'm sure you are.

salomon jaar said... it to me...i just think its interesting because i honestly learned alot from you and hna. hardy. believe it or not!! so i hope its something nice about me.... email it to me. SERIOUSLY DO IT!!!